IWP Domestic Violence




PRDV was a community partnership initiative funded by the Department of Justice Canada and delivered by VIRCS from June 2016 to May 2017.


Project Objectives


This project had three major objectives:

  1. to develop a training curriculum for frontline employees who work with immigrant women leaving abusive relationships (click image below left to view);
  2. to deliver two days of training workshops, attended by members of community service, counselling, settlement, and law enforcement agencies, as well as others who work with newcomer women experiencing domestic violence (click here to see an overview of the curriculum topics); and
  3. to create and publish a legal information booklet providing important information about domestic abuse and immigration status for women, including some commonly asked questions about safety, how to seek help, and other concerns about leaving an abusive relationship (click image below right to view).


​Acknowledgement and thanks go to the following agencies for their partnership on, participation in, and contributions to this project: Victoria Women’s Transition House, The Cridge Centre for the Family, Margaret Laurence House, Bridges for Women Society, and Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture.




We thank the Government of Canada for their generous support of this project.